About us

Everything we do in our school, from nursery through to kindergarten (from age 4 months to 5 years) is built on the premise that education is a network of integrated relationships which revolve around the skills and potential of each child and their family.

We encourage all our children to be curious, to use their imaginations, to understand their emotions and cultivate their creativity, all of which are an essential part of the learning process.

We work together in our school to nurture the health, well-being, growth and social integration of the children through a series of activities designed to promote their early learning while also engaging with and involving their families, building sharing, trusting relationships of co-responsibility.

Le Fate Turchine nursery and kindergarten builds relationships and dialogue between children, their parents and the educators in the school which is seen as a joint project.

We believe that only in a peaceful, stable and familiar workplace can we pursue excellence. In this regard, our ambition is to adapt the organisational requirements of the school to the expectations and needs of our staff in order to make it as pleasant a place as possible to work in.

Le Fate Turchine nursery and kindergarten was established in 2008, when Sabrina Corbo, founding

member of the Green Network group, had the idea of opening a nursery for the children of her employees. In 2014, the nursery was relocated within the beautiful setting of the Tor di Quinto park following its regeneration.

The safety of the children is a priority for us at Le Fate Turchine nursery and kindergarten which is why we introduced the “Mai Piu’ Soli” integrated system to allow our staff to request the immediate assistance of the police at any time. Moreover, the families of children attending the school can use the “FataChiama – una chiamata per amore” service and will receive a phone call from the nursery should the child not be in attendance during regular hours, the aim being to help out with any issues getting to school.

In recognition of the responsibilities we assume when delivering educational and development activities that best serve the children’s interests, the Sole Director of the school resolved on 19 May 2015 that Le Fate Turchine (hereinafter referred to as the “Nursery School“) would adopt an Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001.

The decision to comply with this regulation was made to achieve two main goals:

• to develop measures able to prevent crimes being committed and penalties potentially being incurred and/or damage caused to our reputation and image;
• to prevent our employees from engaging in any form of conduct which could breach the Nursery’s ethical values, and also by any other individual acting in the name of or on behalf of our school in interactions with public authorities and third parties with whom the nursery has  any form of relationship.

Together with the afore mentioned Organization, Management and Control Model, the Nursery School adopted a Code of Ethics which forms an integral part of said model and lays down the values and principles which underpin the operation of the Nursery School, along with other universal rules of conduct which the Nursery School requires its recipients to comply with (e.g. employees, suppliers, directors, etc).