In the first year of life, from age four months, the children in our nursery spend most of their time learning about themselves and their bodies. The activities offered and the space around the children encourage them to acquire a growing awareness of themselves and their environment.

This objective is achieved by accompanying the children through each stage of their psychomotor development, offering both audio, visual, tactile and motor stimulation.

From the second year of life, the children acquire multiple abilities and therefore greater autonomy, especially in terms of their psychomotor skills. This important conquest enables the children to see the world from a different perspective as they begin to run, go up and down stairs by themselves, do small drawings, use objects and feed themselves.

In our nursery, we offer our younger infants numerous activities in small groups, from treasure baskets to the blue cover game, sensory bottles, bags and panels, and movement courses. For bigger toddlers, play activities range from heuristic games to decanting natural materials, water and flower pastes to symbolic games, painting, blue boxes, storytelling labs and the dressing-up basket. Moreover, having such a large garden, all our children benefit from valuable opportunities to play outdoors.

We also have a vegetable garden in which the older children can add to their visual, olfactory, tactile and many more experiences. Working in a natural environment like the vegetable garden, observing nature and watching how the plants grow,  can help to overcome any emotional problems. In addition, on our baby farm, the children receive a monthly visit from cute animals like rabbits, hens, etc.

In collaboration with Scuola Donna Olimpia in Rome, every week the children enjoy “Musica in culla”, an educational methodology  combining music and movement as a means of expression for neonatal and preschool children.

Great importance is attributed to foreign languages from the earliest age. We run a variety of activities in our nursery, not just in Italian but also in English and French thanks to the constant presence of our Magic Teachers who interact with the children in foreign languages.

Le Fate Turchine was recognized as a Hocus & Lotus excellent school for our method of teaching foreign languages to children.