The School

LE FATE TURCHINE nursery and kindergarten are housed in a magnificent, newly-built facility which is surrounded by gardens and parkland, far removed from the city traffic and chaos of Ponte Milvio, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Tor di Quinto park and lake, yet still in the heart of Rome.

Large windows wrap the children in the surrounding landscape, allowing them to experience the changes in the seasons: these “windows on the world” fill their visual field with green and the many colours of nature which blend in with the interior decor of the school (the result of specific studies by architects and psychologists) to stimulate their imaginations and curiosity. The architecture of our building takes inspiration from the Finnish system where contact with the natural world is a priority.

Our school comprises a welcoming atrium and three rooms for the kindergarten and two for the nursery, each with their own bathroom and sleeping facilities. Our prized feature is the play area where we hold our extra-curricular, sports and recreational activities, and a spacious courtyard with adjoining gardens where we have a small vegetable garden to teach children about the natural world: our little farmers tend it themselves.  

In the outdoor area there are also two swimming pools which meet all applicable safety regulations and provide some refreshing summer fun.